Shadows of Liberty is a British documentary directed by Canadian filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay. The documentary examines the impact of corporate media and concentration of media ownership on journalism and the news. The film portrays the U.S. media, including the major TV networks, as controlled by fewer and larger conglomerates that exercise extraordinary political social and economic power. It is structured around 14 vignettes that allege censorship at the U.S. networks, including the 1996 TWA 800 air disaster controversy and Nike sweatshops in Asia. It features interviews with journalists, activists and academics including Amy Goodman, Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, David Simon, Norman Solomon, Robert Baer, Roberta Baskin, Robert W. McChesney, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges and Kristina Borjesson.

Cinema for Peace Awards - Best Film

Year: 2012
Production Company: DocFactory
Director: Jean-Phillipe Tremblay